ODA Releases Teigha BIM 4.3.2

15 januari 2018

Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced the release of version 4.3.2 of Teigha BIM, its SDK for Autodesk Revit files.  Version 4.3.2 introduces improved parameter APIs and a new export to 3D PDF, among other enhancements.

“The new parameter APIs make it easier for developers to work with parameter data, making Teigha BIM more user-friendly,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President. “Support for incremental saving was also added, which reduces the time requirements for file writing significantly for large models.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Development Director, said, “Teigha BIM 4.3.2 also adds new options for filtering visible elements, creation of extrusions from curves, improvements to direct shape elements, and fixes for a number of client issues.”

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