ODA Releases Teigha Drawings 4.3.2

15 januari 2018

Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced the release of version 4.3.2 of Teigha Drawings, its development platform for engineering applications. Version 4.3.2 introduces revision control for .dwg, among other features and enhancements.

“Our new revision control technology represents a significant opportunity for applications that edit .dwg files,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President. “There are numerous workarounds for maintaining .dwg revision history, but the workarounds are not very good—they’re slow and they use enormous amounts of disk space.

“Teigha Revision Control solves these problems. A commit to Teigha Revision Control stores only the modified .dwg data, providing a highly compact disk footprint with fast differencing. Revisions are stored in a repository file, and the data is 100% compatible with standard .dwg.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Development Director, said, “Our 4.3.2 release also contains significant improvements to Teigha Visualize, our new general-purpose visualization API. Transparency, lights and materials are now supported, including textures and various mapping types. Teigha Visualize allows applications to visualize 2D and 3D engineering data directly, without having to populate a .dwg database.”

Teigha 4.3.2 is available for download at www.opendesign.com.

About Teigha

Teigha is a development platform that provides tools to create a rich variety of engineering applications. These include custom data access and editing, automation, general-purpose visualization and markup, and full-scale CAD systems. Teigha supports the use of .dwg, .dgn, .rvt, .rfa and .pdf files, as well as the import and export of many other formats. It runs on all major desktop, server and mobile platforms, and is available for C++, .NET and Java developers.

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